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I knew Sheshe would find the good bones of my wardrobe

Maringi A chance feature of Sheshe and Sustainable Styling on the (TV 1) Breakfast programme in 2020 was a serendipitous introduction. I had recently moved to Wellington and I was overwhelmed at the clothing options available compared to my previously small rural city shopping choices. My wardrobe was reflecting the same flight responses of lets buy everything because it all looks great! Sheshe helped me order my wardrobe, coordinate the items better, and buy items that related to other items, as opposed to being friendless and orphan-like.
I reconnected with Sheshe two years after we first worked together. I was not liking my wardrobe and feeling glum at the thought of putting items together. Nothing worked, everything looked drab and flat. Obviously these were my animated impressions but it was having an impact. I knew Sheshe would find the good bones of my wardrobe, get rid of the rogue items, and help me like my stuff and what we could do together. This she did, thank you Sheshe

Services: Wardrobe Edits, Styling Sessions, Custom Sourcing, Follow-up Stying Session, Personal Shopper


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