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I would highly recommend Sheshe's services to all other women!

Louisa My styling session with Sheshe has been such a positive experience! Before, I felt flat and uninspired by my wardrobe, often frustrated by my clothes and the time I was wasting each morning trying to find an outfit I felt good about. Sheshe breathed new life into my existing wardrobe, helping me compile a set of go-to outfits that give me confidence. The extra pieces Sheshe found for me really lifted my wardrobe, and I was impressed with the quality, condition and design of what she chose. Much better than I would choose for myself and without all of the time and effort of shopping! I also feel great that my style boost hasn't come at the cost of the environment. On a personal level, the sessions were fun and spirit boosting - I would highly recommend Sheshe's services to all other women!

Services: Wardrobe Edit & Personal Styling Session


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Louisa booked a Wardrobe Edit & Personal Styling Session with Sheshe to help transition back to her work as a Defense Lawyer. We followed up the initial sessions with a season-by-season Custom Thrift service to gradually build her Sustainable Wardrobe to be appropriate for both work & Mum life. Outfits for meeting with Clients & appropriate Court Appearance ensembles, through to classically casual looks & outfits that were 'playgroup proof'!


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