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"Shiana's dedication and expertise were pivotal in ensuring the success of the production. Her meticulous pre-production work was truly commendable. Her attention to detail and creative flair were evident in every ensemble, adding depth and authenticity to our project."

James Manttan - James Media - Commercial




Commercial Work:

HOD HMUA & Wardrobe Designer / Supervisor - Commercial 
Company:    Honeymoon Film NZ (Producers: Breigh & Louis Sutherland)

Director: Louis Sutherland

Production Company: Honeymoon Film NZ 

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO

Client: Wellington NZ 
Filming Date: February 2024
Release Date: tbc 2024 


  • Wardrobe sourcing for 2 main Cast + extras

  • Creative input regarding Wardrobe Design and effects on script

  • Wardrobe sourced 90% secondhand

  • Custom built dress & customised other items

  • Shot over 2 x 12 hour days

  • Images & Link to Commercial available once released 


Wardrobe Design, Sourcing & Supervisor on location for TV Commercial (TVC) & Online media.

Production Company: James Media (Producer: James Manttan)

Director: Brooke Benton

Advertising Agency: Special Ad Services 

Client: Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries.

Release Date: November 2023.


  • Wardrobe for 23 Cast - mix of adults & children. 

  • Wardrobe sourced 90% secondhand. 

  • 12 day lead time between Start date & cast final fittings. 

  • 2.5 Day shoot on location - Conmarra Ferry during two sailings & land based filming 

  • Watch here

Wardrobe Design & Sourcing  for TV Commercial (TVC) & print.

Advertising Agency: Wrestler NZ

Producer: Kate Goodwin

Client: REALNZ - a Tourism company based out of Queenstown

  • Quick 8 hour sourcing to a short timeline before crew flew out to Queenstown for filming

  • Wardrobe sourcing & styling for a male/female couple 

  • Watch here

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