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"Using her extensive good eye for detail and styling, I knew she had the skills to adapt to film wardrobe styling, and she did not disappoint."

Celia Jaspers - Director - Scorpio Media - The Polycees




Sheshe has been involved in the local film world since 2022 and invited to design & source the Wardrobe for two recent local projects - filmed on location in Wellington. 


"Creating characters through the use of Wardrobe / Costuming and small details is something that comes naturally for me.  It has so much crossover with my usual Styling role - creating confidence and personal expression through clothing for my Clients. Being given the opportunities to create Wardrobe looks for short films has been a chance to explore this industry and I love it! I look forward to the next one & to being involved in more local projects." - Sheshe

A serendipitous meeting with Director Celia Jaspers via various Martinborough-based Clients, led to the first opportunity on a short film 'The Polycees' sourcing wardrobe for a small main cast & extras. Shot over 3 days, in and around some of Wellington's historic government buildings, this family flick was an absolute delight to be involved with. Stepping into the BTS and set for the first time on a shoot was exhilarating & incredibly satisfying to see it all come together on a small budget - Sheshe often working with what each cast member already had in their own wardrobes & adding the finishing details to create each character's look. A highlight was creating the main character's denim jacket with embroidered cherries to fit the vibrant, kid character's personality on screen. 

Following on from this project, Celia put Sheshe forward for Wardrobe Creation as part of the Panasonic Lumix Short Film 'The Watch' written & directed by International Director, Hiroki Kamada.

The team was on a tight timeline to cast, source for & shoot this 7 minute film over Easter weekend of April 2023 - with Hiroki flying in for the project. With four days to source multiple looks across decades for this emotive short film, it was key that the wardrobe spoke for each character. The Director Hiroki had latched on to several key inspiration looks from Sheshe's character boards and with a short-turn around, coupled with Easter store hours, it meant Sheshe would hit every thrift shop in the city and also create pieces from found garments to make the vision come to life.

This film was released in May 2023.

View 'The Watch' here.


Film Wardrobe Credits:

'The Polycees' (2022) Short Film : Directed by Celia Jaspers.

 Wardrobe Stylist, Buyer & Creator

'The Watch' (2023) Short Film for Panasonic Lumix : Directed by Hiroki Kamada.

Wardrobe Designer, Sylist , Buyer & Creator

“Shiana (or Sheshe as she's affectionately known!) stepped graciously into a new role on my latest film production. Using her extensive good eye for detail and styling, I knew she had the skills to adapt to film wardrobe styling, and she did not disappoint.  Sheshe went above and beyond, was totally committed, even in the face of illness, she still found a way to complete the production. She fitted seamlessly in with all the cast and crew.
She is delightful to deal with and can't wait to have her back on the next project!"

Celia Jaspers - Director 'The Polycees' (Scorpio Productions)

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