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  • Is this a LGBTQ+ friendly service?
    Absolutely! I believe EVERYONE has the right to receive a service that is aware and respectful of each of my Client's specific needs. I have worked with gender-fluid, queer folx, and trans-people. I work with you and your body to make your gender presentation fit you and the way you want to be seen by the world. There is so much power in how you dress and I'm here to help make that an enjoyable and gender affirming & confidence building experience.
  • Can we meet before our Styling Session to see if you're the right Stylist for me?
    Absolutely! Let's meet for a cuppa & we can and figure out if we're a good mix. We'll chat through your Style / Wardrobe needs & which of my Sustainable Styling Services can work for you. As part of the Coffee & Chat package you also get a quick start guide to help you prepare yourself & your wardrobe for our sessions & 10% off any service when you book at the end of our Coffee & Chat meeting.
  • Where in New Zealand do you do in-person sessions?
    I work with Clients in-person throughout the Wellington area (including Kāpiti, Wairarapa) - travel fees will apply. If you're outside of the Wellington area - we can book an Online / Virtual Session which I adapted during 2020's Covid Lockdown and my Client's loved them!
  • What is Custom Sourcing?
    Custom Sourcing (what I used to call Custom Thrifting) is a personal shopping service where I take all of your info - sizing, measurements and specific items requirements and I go and either purchase the suitable items or send you links to items that are available online: from all the available Preloved sources I can - opshopping, other Client's wardrobes, my Consignment stock, my Preloved stock collection, other preloved resellers, Trademe, Consignment boutiques etc.. And I make sure each item is going to a) fit you, b) be suitable for your requirements, c) provide details & photos of each item in a personalised photo album for you to access online. You then decide which items you'd like to go ahead with buying/ trying and each item is individually priced. The Custom Sourcing service fee is calculated on my estimated time I should need to find your items, how quickly you require them and how many items we are searching for at a time.
  • Do you work in Film / Commercial or Editorial Wardrobe?
    Yes! Head to my Resumé to view some of my work. You can also contact me via LinkedIn here.
  • Are Online / Zoom Styling Services available?
    Yes! When 2020 lockdown hit, I made all of my services available online and it works SO well! There is more prep for you to do as a Client to make sure we have all of the fashion / wardrobe content info we need available but it is SO worth it!
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