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    Restyling what you have based on YOUR Style goals.  includes: - 2 hour Premium in-home styling session with Sheshe.  - Working with your organised wardrobe to create outfits you LOVE! This is a great option for people who already have a reasonably organised wardrobe but who need help refining their style, refreshing and finishing their wardrobe, and styling items into outfits that look and feel good!  Following this session, you may feel like you’re confident to add in your own pieces or feel like your wardrobe is complete. And if you need a few more pieces Sheshe will provide a quote for her Custom Sourcing service to find beautiful preloved pieces to fill the gaps. If you’re needing help to organise your wardrobe prior to this session, please book a Wardrobe Edit session prior to your Styling Session. ** Available in Wellington region - Travel fees apply (Virtual Styling Sessions also available)


    Before you embark on your Styling Session, you’d like to clear the clutter and detox from your overwhelming wardrobe. You feel like your collection doesn’t work for what you need and you need help to make sense of it all. Includes 2 hours of your wardrobe clear out with Sheshe. Please note, depending on how large your wardrobe collection is and how quickly we can get through the clear out, we may need a secondary session to complete the work or we can continue with the session past the 2 hour mark depending on availability - charged in half hour increments. Once we’ve completed the clear out, let’s book in a Styling Session at a separate time slot to turn your detoxed wardrobe into a series of outfits that make you feel great! ** Available in Wellington region - Travel fees beyond 20 mins of travel time apply (Virtual Styling Sessions also available)


    TAKING THE FIRST STEP & THROWING AWAY THE TRADITIONAL "RULES" Whilst traditional Shape analysis is a good base to work from, it can feel like being put into a box and given unbreakable rules. This is NOT that kind of session! Sheshe aims to give gentle guidelines to maximise your satisfaction of getting dressed and choosing outfits that will make you look & FEEEEL phenomenal. This is the jumping off point. Setting a good foundation so we can make YOUR style truly sing to YOU! This is also the perfect opportunity to get to know each other & see if we're a good fit to move forward with your FULL Styling journey. includes: - Style Personality assessment - an in-depth dive into where YOU would like to take your Style Journey - Accurate Body Shape analysis - to ensure we're using the right fits, shapes, cuts & styling tricks to celebrate that BEAUTIFUL SHAPE that you are! - Quick overview of your current go-to outfits / pieces and assessment of how many items we're working with to lead us perfectly onto the next phase - Your Personal Wardrobe Edit* (to be booked for a separate session time - *not included in this package). - Time allocated to this session: 1.5 hours Available in Wellington region - Travel fees apply (Virtual Styling Sessions also available)

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  • "I would unequivocally endorse Shiana as a Wardrobe Lead for any production..."

    "I had the pleasure of working closely with Shiana as our wardrobe designer and on-set wardrobe supervisor for an advertisement project with Bluebridge Ferries. Shiana's dedication and expertise were pivotal in ensuring the success of the production. Her meticulous pre-production work was truly commendable. Shiana flawlessly managed to dress over 15 actors, skillfully curating and procuring wardrobe for each of them. Her attention to detail and creative flair were evident in every ensemble, adding depth and authenticity to our project. What truly sets Shiana apart is her on-set professionalism. She seamlessly collaborated across all departments, ensuring the cast's styling was impeccable while efficiently overseeing operations, contributing significantly to the smooth functioning of the shoot. Her ability to navigate diverse tasks with ease and grace was remarkable. I would unequivocally endorse Shiana as a Wardrobe Lead for any production. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she tackles challenges with unwavering determination. Shiana's passion for her craft coupled with her exceptional skills make her an invaluable asset to any team. Shiana's commitment to excellence and her willingness to go above and beyond make her a standout professional in the field of wardrobe design and supervision". James Manttan James Media. Producing content for brands and good people across the world. December 13, 2023

  • I have received SOOOO many compliments on my outfits/style since I started working with Sheshe.

    Alana I have used a number of Sheshe’s services, but the one that I enjoyed the most was the wardrode edit. Sheshe went through my entire wardrobe, helped me get rid of items that were doing me no favours, and most excitingly, helped me discover a number of awesome outfits I didn’t even know I had! She taught me some handy tricks to give my ensembles a bit more oompf, and also identified some key wardrobe staples I was missing that would totally lift my game (like a black velvet turtleneck dress & a pair of navy blue Dr Martens – who knew?!) Totally 100% recommend this service! I have received SOOOO many compliments on my outfits/style since I started working with Sheshe. In no time at all, she seemed to get my style (which is great because I still have no idea what my style is) and has basically done all my shopping for me for over a year! I get such a kick out of telling people I have a personal shopper I would say that almost 30-40% of my wardrobe are Sheshe numbers that she has stumbled across on her travels and sent my way. She has such a great eye! Services: Event Outfit Styling, Wardrobe Edits, Styling Sessions, Custom Sourcing, Follow-up Styling Session, Personal Shopper Wellington Review sent directly

  • I knew Sheshe would find the good bones of my wardrobe

    Maringi A chance feature of Sheshe and Sustainable Styling on the (TV 1) Breakfast programme in 2020 was a serendipitous introduction. I had recently moved to Wellington and I was overwhelmed at the clothing options available compared to my previously small rural city shopping choices. My wardrobe was reflecting the same flight responses of lets buy everything because it all looks great! Sheshe helped me order my wardrobe, coordinate the items better, and buy items that related to other items, as opposed to being friendless and orphan-like. I reconnected with Sheshe two years after we first worked together. I was not liking my wardrobe and feeling glum at the thought of putting items together. Nothing worked, everything looked drab and flat. Obviously these were my animated impressions but it was having an impact. I knew Sheshe would find the good bones of my wardrobe, get rid of the rogue items, and help me like my stuff and what we could do together. This she did, thank you Sheshe Services: Wardrobe Edits, Styling Sessions, Custom Sourcing, Follow-up Stying Session, Personal Shopper Wellington Review sent directly

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